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Feb 19, 2013 5:00pm PST
in a small amount of time. most of us around .25 but it was a cold weather system that blew through here. what you're looking at here is that cold air that's sweeping in over the top of us. there's still a chance for snow flurries. snow levels reports down to some areas below 1,000 feet. so it was really cold. right now san jose you have some heavier rain down by blossom hill road. this is significant rainfall headed to the east capital expressway. some heavy rain, let's come in a little bit closer here. over by san felipe road you have heavier rain. these reds and yellows that's coming down pretty hard. santa rosa drive in this area, most of this action is starting to move off but you can see near brenam rain it's pretty big. this is a hot spot in the area because most of the rain has moved off. you can see a few light showers as well. when i come back we're going to be tracking more showers tonight. then we're going to track this very, very cold air. what does that mean for tomorrow morning's overnight lows? you're going to find out i'll have the details. >>> snow has returned to the
Feb 14, 2013 10:00pm PST
. they tell us they have recovered a weapon. we've also learned more information about the couple. the vietnamese couple we learned the suspect was a man in his 30s. >>> a santa clara county report shows the number of deaths from domestic violence are actually down year to year. there were nine deaths from domestic violence 2012. of last year's deaths, five were perpetrated by male suspects, one by a female. >>> valentine's day has become an occasion to rise up and support efforts to end violence against women. today in 205 countries around the world people got up and danced. a few hundred people danced here at the grace cathedral. the event is called 1 million dancing. >> it's so joyful to see the women taking back our power and with our male allies and doing what we can. >> flash mob dancing was seen at several cities. >>> former los angeles police officer christopher dorner is dead. the remains were possibly identified through dental records. no cause of death was given. dorn er was on a self-described war against. on monday he got in a shoot out with police. it ended when the
Feb 22, 2013 12:30am PST
and frank from klos in los angeles. this is "dish nation." >>> hey, celebs aren't a lot different than us. they have body issues. in fact, celebrities probably have more body issues than we do because they're already insecure and their income is based on how good they look. >> could jennifer lawrence's star be any brighter right now? "hunger games," "silver linings playbook." she's very self-conscious about had her breasts. she says they're weird. >> because they're uneven. >> i'm so tired of hearing her talk about her body. she says, i'm -- >> i think she needs to understand a lot of dudes like girls with imperfections. maybe a mole, capped tooth. a little meat on her bones. >> i date this girl that almost had a tail. her butt bone i guess at the top of the crack -- >> what? >> did she try to explain it or pretend like it wasn't there? >> she said i have an extended tailbone. >> did she not get that taken off? >> i don't know. you think she could get it filed down or something. >> i'm like -- i thought it was something. i didn't know it was her. >> how big was it? >> i'm telling you, it
Feb 2, 2013 12:30am PST
're fine. >> like when the stripper starts using her real name. as long as you still look like that, i don't care. as long as you still sliding up and down that pole. >> let's say you're a celebrity and you have a relationship and that's like a trusting place, a circle of trust,s right. >> sure. >> then years down the line your lover comes out with a tell-all book and tells your bedroom business. how humiliating. >> who who who? >> carol mowry, i never heard of her. she had a relationship with robert de niro, now telling about his bedroom business, about how he stared into her eyes the whole time they're making love. but that he kept his socks on. >> you shouldn't be allowed to wear socks while having sex. >> you should feel lucky a celebrity slept with you, keep your mouth shut. >> we get drunk and keep our socks on. >> no no! >> if there was a first time with you for a man and he's walking to the bed and wearing nothing but black socks, is that a deal killer? >> i guess it depends on who the feet are attached to, you know. >> i don't care who it is. it could be ryan gosling, it could be
Feb 19, 2013 12:30am PST
"dish nation." >> where's gary? >> at least i got us a few shout outs. >> that's what we dishin' about. ♪ that's what we dishin' 'bout >>> hold on. wait. what the hell is the all-star game? >> are you freakin' serious? >>> i don't know but guys, but this whole "dish nation" tv gig has made me such a huge celebrity. my social life is just killing it. so on saturday night i stayed in and watched hbo's documentary on beyonce. >> how was it? >> very much anticipated. and it was kind of a look into beyonce's personal life and she opened up quite a bit about firing her dad as her manager, talked about having a miscarriage. you know, she cries and she gets really deep in it. but they really like yachts. >> most rich people do. >> they're always on yachts. three different times there's footage of them. can you tell they're in different places. i tell you, her life ain't hard. the footage of her in had her personal life was really a small portion of it. most of it consisted of it her like a recent performance and just giving out all these life lessons that she's learned. >> my life is a journ
Search Results 0 to 4 of about 5